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West Acton Residents Association (WARA) was founded in February 2003 by Residents of Westfields Road.  The first residents to join WARA lived mainly in close proximity to North Acton Playing Fields.  However, it was decided to widen the area represented by WARA, particularly when a Planning Application was submitted for a Bus Depot at Gypsy Corner.


For your information

1) Changes to the 440 bus route

Transport for London (TfL) have announced that two bus routes serving the Acton area will be launched before the end of the year.

The 218 will commence operation on 7 December 2using single decker buses operated by Tower
Transit. It would run every 10 minutes during Monday to Saturday day time, and every 15 minutes during Sundays and all evenings using single-deck buses. It would follow the existing alignment of route 440 between North Acton, Gypsy Corner and Acton High Street via West Acton. It would then follow the existing alignment of route 266 between Acton High Street and Hammersmith via Askew Road.

2) 2 Electric cars are available to hire per hour at the start of Saxon Drive

Provided by, the driving range of the car is approximately 130 miles when fully charged. Membership cost; £5 per month + 19p per minute of usage. 

3) Some of the current applications, WARA seeks feedback from residents.

  • New Planning application Holiday Inn (Red Hotel) along the A40 to be demolished and replaced with 45/55 Twin Tower. WARA objects, you can object too, do so if you can by the 18th June 2019, click here to view the application.  
  • A40 road closure. If the plans go ahead Ealing Council will see Park View, Court Way, Allan Way and Kathleen Avenue blocked off from the main arterial road. Resident’s views are sought, you can email relating to this issue to be directed to Colin McKenzie, Transport Planner (Cycle Infrastructure) In any email to Colin, please also copy in:
  • Application Planning ref: 191885FUL, click here. 
    Last year Quattro held a drop-in event at the pavilion in the playing fields outlining their proposal to move the concrete batching plant to Acton Goods Yard.  Their current site was being taken over by HS2. Quatrro UK Ltd have now submitted a formal planning application to Ealing Council.The consultation end date is given as 15 August 2019, yet on the major site notice it is given as 23 August 2019.


4) Other relevant information
A current consultation “demand responsive bus trial” is for Ealing and Brent could be extended to the WARA area.


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