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West Acton Residents Association (WARA) was founded in February 2003 by Residents of Westfields Road.  The first residents to join WARA lived mainly in close proximity to North Acton Playing Fields.  However, it was decided to widen the area represented by WARA, particularly when a Planning Application was submitted for a Bus Depot at Gypsy Corner.


New Planning application Holiday Inn (Red Hotel) along the A40 to be demolished and replaced with 45/55 Twin Tower. WARA objects, you can object too, do so if you can by the 18th June 2019, click here to view the application.

WARA’s response
WARA feels that the plans for any transport and utilities infrastructure are flawed as the huge development taking place is not being looked at or considered as a whole.  The developments are only being looked at piecemeal and individually.
- Will affect local ecology
- Too close to adjoining properties
- Conflict with Local Plan
- Developments have become too high
- Inadequate public transport provisions
- More open space needed within  or near to developments
- Out of keeping with character of area
- Over development of the area
- Strain on existing community facilities
- “Wind tunnel effect” on the area
As with all other tall building Applications taking place in North Acton, this we reckon violates the London Plan Density Matrix. There is no adequate provision of green space in the area;  the only offering is for the provision of little shrubs or plants which will be purely decorative or cosmetic additions and will go no way towards soaking up the pollution or providing privacy or screening.  There is no vision of community spirit, made worse by no proper shopping facilities – merely a small Tesco/Sainsbury facility – and betting shops and junk food outlets selling pizzas and unhealthy fast foods. It will cause an immense strain on existing community facilities (e.g. no new schools, no additional funding for GPs whose patient registers are already too full with no room for new patients.
Additionally, other serious issues are that there is no clear plan for associated utilities e.g. sewage, electricity or gas, as well as no additional capacity at busy North Acton station which is the only tube station currently servicing the area), no disability access is provided or planned for at this tube station, and the fact that the 440 bus route is now also being changed in the area with an imminent reduction in the number of buses and bus services that take people to nearby Central Middlesex Hospital.  All this will radically affect elderly and disabled residents and those parents taking their young children to schools in the vicinity.
It is predicted that there will be over 14,000 residents crammed and concentrated into one small area and nothing at all is being done to stop this and revisit the density matrix in our opinion. How can it be justified in any impact assessments that these issues have been taken into account, in any shape or form, the serious concerns that we residents have expressed vociferously over a long period of time?
There are no community facilities provided by this development (e.g. library, GP, dentist, etc.) Instead it will be a drain on the existing community (e.g. more overcrowding at North Acton station, pressure on school places, pressure on green space, pressure on health facilities, etc.). Section 106 money never mitigates these issues and generally used elsewhere in the borough.
These developments open up the whole of the North Acton site to the noise and pollution of the A40.  The 702 residential homes are not clear as to whether genuinely affordable homes to rent or foreigners to buy.
I strongly urge that an independent Inspector to visit North Acton to see the real picture.  We also would welcome a visit to our park, North Acton Playing Fields, which is repeatedly cited by developers as an attraction in order to encourage people to want to move to and live in the area.  The true deficiency in green space in North Acton is not even being identified or mentioned by OPDC; we only have the one playing fields in the area and even that is now under threat of being part privatised by Ealing Council in favour of Samurai/QPR Football Club, rather than keeping it as it currently is, a free space for use and enjoyment by the whole community.
Also we are bang on flight path- planes at 2000 feet. 55 storey skyscraper will be 800ft – there is no info on flight path impact assessment report.



Last WARA meeting was held on the 1st April 2019, next meeting yet to be announced.
Main topics discussed:
- NAPF Samurai proposals
(NORTH ACTON PLAYING FIELDS – 185913FUL Proposal: Conversion and extension of the   existing grass football pitch to the north of the existing tennis courts into a new ‘3G’ floodlit football pitch; provision of a new ‘3G’ floodlit Multi-Use Games Area to the west of the existing tennis courts and associated reinstatement of part of the existing artificial grass playing surface back to grass; erection of a new changing pavilion and kiosk to the west of Park Lodge in the approximate position of the former garage/storage building; and associated changes to the location of the existing southernmost cricket pitch in North Acton Park to facilitate the above)

- A40 road closures

Campaign to keep the Goldsmiths Arms a pub and prevent it from being demolished.
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