Current issues


West Acton Residents Association (WARA) was founded in February 2003 by Residents of Westfields Road.  The first residents to join WARA lived mainly in close proximity to North Acton Playing Fields.  However, it was decided to widen the area represented by WARA, particularly when a Planning Application was submitted for a Bus Depot at Gypsy Corner.


Last WARA meeting was held on the 1st April 2019, next meeting yet to be announced.
Main topics discussed:
- NAPF Samurai proposals
(NORTH ACTON PLAYING FIELDS – 185913FUL Proposal: Conversion and extension of the   existing grass football pitch to the north of the existing tennis courts into a new ‘3G’ floodlit football pitch; provision of a new ‘3G’ floodlit Multi-Use Games Area to the west of the existing tennis courts and associated reinstatement of part of the existing artificial grass playing surface back to grass; erection of a new changing pavilion and kiosk to the west of Park Lodge in the approximate position of the former garage/storage building; and associated changes to the location of the existing southernmost cricket pitch in North Acton Park to facilitate the above)

- A40 road closures


Campaign to keep the Goldsmiths Arms a pub and prevent it from being demolished.
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