About Us

West Acton Residents Association (WARA) was founded in February 2003 by Residents of Westfields Road.  The first residents to join WARA lived mainly in close proximity to North Acton Playing Fields.  However, it was decided to widen the area represented by WARA, particularly when a Planning Application was submitted for a Bus Depot at Gypsy Corner.  A public meeting attracted a wide audience, with many of those attending signing up to join WARA.is made up of volunteers elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The current Committee for is as follows:
Chair:                      Sheela Selvajothy
Treasurer:               Alan Cartwright
Secretary:               Margrit Wachnicka.


The aim of the Association is:

a)       To promote tenants’ and residents’ rights and good housing conditions through the Tenants’ and Leaseholders’ Consultative Committee and other organisations.

b)       To provide a forum for consultation and negotiation with the London Borough of Ealing and other parties.

c)       To bring improvements to the area, to increase community spirit, to provide social activities for all sections of the community and to promote a healthy environment.

d)       To encourage the participation of every resident in the area above. In particular to promote equal opportunities and to oppose racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

e)      To affiliate to any body that furthers the interests of tenants and residents as agreed at the
Annual General Meeting

WARA holds a meeting once every three months at the AGV, Alwyn Gardens off Noel Road. Date for next meeting is in September 2013, if you like to be kept informed of upcoming meetings, please contact us.


History of West Acton Residents Association

WARA covers an area roughly triangular in shape, with two railway lines and the A40 forming the boundaries.  To the west the boundary is the Central Line (from the A40 to just past West Acton station).  To the east the boundary is the National Rail lines (Acton Main Line to the bridge where Noel Road crosses the railway).  The north boundary is the A40 (between where the road crosses the Central Line and Gypsy Corner).  WARA includes approximately 1400 residences and currently has about 150 members.

The area WARA represents is partly within Acton Central ward (about two-thirds) and East Acton ward (a third).

WARA has an elected Management Committee, including chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer.  A WARA newsletter is issued quarterly, with public meetings held approximately four times a year where members are informed of the status of various issues and where new ones can be raised.  Additional meetings are held, if specific issues warrant them.  Local Councillors from both Acton Central and East Acton wards attend meetings, as does the constituency MP, unless previous commitments prevent them.  For specific issues, Council Officers may also attended meeting.


Since 2003, WARA has become an established Residents Association, with links to other neighbouring residents groups.  WARA is well respected by ward Councillors and the local MP, with whom we have a good relationship.


Successful issues


Horn Lane Pelican Crossing


In 2004 at WARA suggestion, Ealing Council commenced a feasibility study on installing a pedestrian crossing in Horn Lane, just to the south of the junction with Noel Road.


Initially, WAARA was informed that a crossing would be installed, with completion in June 2005.  This turned out not to be the case.  Funding that the Council said was assured for the scheme was not subsequently available.  After three more years of frustration and putting pressure on the Council at a number of local meeting, a crossing was finally installed in April 2008.


North Acton Playing Fields – Pavilion


In December 2004, WARA was informed by Ealing Council that funds of approximately £300,000 and been secured for improvement works.  The existing pavilion, with the possible exception of the football changing rooms, was at that time in a poor state of repair.


The pavilion refurbishment was agreed by Ealing Planning committee in September 2005.  The refurbishment was completed in July 2006, but before those parts of the pavilion other than the changing rooms could be used, dry rot was found in part of the building.


After a period of negotiation between the Council and contractors, the pavilion was thought ready for use by October 2009.  However, it was still some time before the pavilion was open for use.  In September 2010 interviews were held with prospective operators at the pavilion.  A WARA representative was a member of the interview panel.  Acton Community Forum (ACF) were chosen to run various community activities, and an operator was chosen to run a café.  The official opening was in August 2011.  WARA continue to liaise with ACF over the pavilion activities.


Alliance Road width restriction


Before the formation of WARA, residents had expressed concern over the number of heavy vehicles using Alliance Road and the roads around the playing fields as a “rat run” from the A40.  Residents felt that this was unsafe and inappropriate and that something should be done to deter the practice.  On its formation, WARA took up the call for a width restriction in Alliance Road to prevent heavy vehicles cutting through.


After much correspondence, a width restriction was installed towards the Saxon Drive end of Alliance Road, with completion on 16 May 2006.  However, the initial lockable bollard installed was too easy to remove and by 21 June 2006 the width restriction was inactive.


Following further correspondence between WARA, Councillors and Officers, in January 2007 a more robust type of “gate” width restriction was installed.  However, this could too easily be unlocked.


Further communication with Ealing Council ensued until finally the “gate” was taken for repair and in October 2008 was re-installed.  The width restriction has largely been functional since then.


Application for a Bus Depot at Gypsy Corner


In 2003, TfL submitted a planning application to Ealing Council for a Bus Depot at Gypsy Corner, which would extend along the A40 across Park View to Court Way.  This caused an outcry from local residents.  WARA co-ordinated objections to the proposal, with 800+ objection letters being sent to Ealing Council.  As a result, on 10 November 2004 Ealing Planning Committee refused the application.


In January 2005, TfL appealed against the decision to refuse planning permission and the matter went to a public inquiry.  This was held in April 2006.  Once again WARA organised public opposition, with several members speaking out against the proposal at the public inquiry.  On 7 July 2006, the Planning Inspector published the report which dismissed the appeal.